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  • There is a true animal cult in Israel! Seems like each second citizen in Tel-Aviv has a dog. My favorite moment from our trip is that French woman, trying to teach her dog on the beach. She came there to learn language and took dog with her. Theu were such a happy and harmonious couple! Smaller cities are ocupied by cats. Especially places like Dolphin Reef (they only have 8 dolphins, but obviously way more cats).

    And today we are going to look through almost all animals I met during my trip to Israel.

  • Somehow I got used to never update blog on Fridays. Not the very best habbit, I must admit:) But I usually have that mood of doing household or doing nothing but watching TV on Friday evenings, so all in all blog is not an option. If only I’m not going to show you the place made for relaxation, peaceful joy and happiness. And honestly, it’s now Saturday in Moscow already, so:)

    So let’s have a tour to the most wonderful tree house back in Eilat, Israel. It has 3 swimming pools, restaurant and balcony. On.a.tree. Impressive, isn’t it?

  • Do you agree, that people always associate cities they’ve been to with some unexpected places or moments, that might seem really not important first. Just pronounce any town name you’ve ever been to and try to ketch the first memory your brains would give to you. Recently we realized that for us New York, for example, is forever a parking spot near the supermarket, where we went shopping, wile spending there our summer, and that unusual Staten Island subway. Isn’t it strange? Cause we have really seen a lot there!

    And what will I now remember about Pereslavl-Zaleskiy?

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    All Switzerland posts

    by Kseniia

    I wonder, if I will ever be able to overcome this excitement about everything out of Switzerland? I thought, I only had to visit another country to switch my admiration, but those wonderful mountains learned to share place in my heart with any wonderful corner on Earth. So I couldn’t be more upset, than today, knowing that I already shared all the posts I made during my short trip:(

    Yes, I really showed everything I had. But didn’t managed to show even one percent of everyhing beautiful and amazing waiting for you in Switzerland. So let’s look through all the posts and imagine evrything left out of photos and videos.

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    Pereslavl-Zalesskiy Monasteries

    by Kseniia

    I feel like totally addicted to my blog. Only two days passed since I was here last time and I already miss blog and you soooo much! And we left, because we had a small journey together with Volkswagen Tiguan. I will tell about the car a bit later, now it’s time for some really outstanding photos from Pereslavl-Zalesskiy.

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    World best hotels (my very personal top)

    by Kseniia

    I’m definitely not a crazy traveler. Especially after knowing that there are people like that blogger, whom we together traveled with last time, been only to Finland for 54 (54!!!) times. But being really far from his records makes me feel everything more like a first time, agree?

    That is why I want to share my personal best hotels all over the world TOP. Those are just the places I realy loved during my stay. And those I can 100% recommend (or even insist on) for a visit.

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    My first ever six stars: Tschuggen Grand Hotel

    by Kseniia

    Я сегодня уставшая и злая, так что, вопреки сложившейся традиции, сначала напишу в блог, а потом вернусь к сайту. Рассказывать я сегодня буду об одном из самых классных отелей, где я когда-либо останавливалась, так что это точно должно улучшить настроение:) Заодно хоть разок и закончу в приличное время! Вы, вот, кстати, обычно когда мои публикации читаете, утром или вечером? Я все время думаю, стоит ли как-то подстроить график поудобнее или все хорошо? Буду ждать ваших советов в комментариях, а пока вернусь к отелю:)

  • I read a lot about this unique place – Makhtesh Ramon (kinda fan of such unexpected things to read). So to visit it was a fream come true and an absolutely fabulous experience.

    Makhtesh Ramon is an erosion cirque 40 kms long in a Negev desert. It is a very special place, only could be found in Israel and Egypt (the second one is not that big, though), so the Hebrew word”makhtesh” is now used all over the world as an official geological termine. Can you even imagine that?

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