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  • You can’t even imagine how jealous I was, when my colleague went to Israel desert for a yoga! Most of all I was jealous of the “Israel” part, cause this country totallyblew my mind away last spring with its outstanding authentiсity, incredibly wonderful nature and, it goes without saying, delicious food. So I just couldn’t believe my eyes when suddenly received an invitation to spend a week here from the IsraelMinistry of Tourism. All I wanted to do that moment – is immediately jump into the plane and leave everything behind! But a long month of waiting and anticipation past before I got final approval from them. Seems like my strong anticipation ruined all my plans for strong emotions here, so during my first day in Jerusalem I was really calm and completely un-emotional.

    But that wascertainly just the beginning:) And all the best was kept for the dessert. Imean, for lunch, which we had in a wonderful local restaurant MachneYuda (or “Yuda’s Camp”), where I dived into an atmosphere of bright colors, feelings and tastes, I needed!

  • There should have been surely a story behind the 5-star hotel in a world famous ski resort, built in 1913 and richly decorated, don’t you think? And there is such a story in Carlton, situated in St.Moritz.This legend is being strongly kept and cultivated for many years here already. Despite the irony of the heads, despite the fully renovation under the leadership of Carlo Rampazzi in 2006-2007 years, despite the fact, that there are only 5 years between the year this building appeared and the death of Nikolay the II, for whom it according to the legend was made..

    So how does the tsar residence looks today? I’m gonna show you!

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    Winter paradise: Arosa (Switzerland)

    by Kseniia

    That is how handsome the life in Switzerland can be! Well, not for everybody, of course, but for those who live and work in Arosa, that is 3 hours by train away from Zurich and 1 700 meters above the sea level (all the anders, I bet, do not complain as well). I was lucky to visit this place thanks to the invitation of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. This journey had completely changed my opinion about the winter holidays. Honestly, I was always a type of person, preferring summer beaches to snowy mountains ( really feel like having enough snow for half a year here in Moscow). Th first surprise I discovered was that actually it’s not really cold in mountains. I even got tanned:) So it was an absolutely new way to have rest and an incredible enjoyment. .

    After we arrived, I had a little time for a walk through the city and the next day we went to the mountains, so today I’m going to show you some photos of the wonderful views I managed to do those days.

  • When I’m saying I’m in love with food I literally mean it. Alesha sometimes thinks I have an addiction, like from drugs:) ‘m one of those eating tasty dish till the end even if they are about to burst.

    And because of that we could have never skipped an invitation from London restaurant CUT for a dinner, despite the fact we were so tired that day that only wanted to stay in room and lie on a bad. Despite even the fact I don’t eat meat and CUT is a steakhouse:)

  • What an impatient and responsible friends I have! A couple of days ago I promised to show you my London outfit and you kept reminding all this days! You making me feel ashamed:) But honestly I was so eager to show you this photos myself, because they are so sunny and warm! Hope they will make you feel a little better and warmer today!

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    Virtual guide to Verona streets

    by Kseniia

    I’m always angry with how Alesha manages to keep our photos and videos undone for a long time. We still have so much to show you from London! But what to say about London if we even haven’t showed everything we shooted in America more than half a year ago! But may be this is the biggest enjoy – to remember everything while making photos in some time? It’s like a modern “family album”. Let’s be honest, we do not make those albums anymore (or do you?)^ so that is probably a new version of the tradition.

    So there are no photos of naked crying kids in our family album, only wonderful photos of a beautiful Verona – a place, where are family story started after wedding.

  • Paul&Joe Sister brand has collaborated with Disney, making a small collection of cute T-shirts devoted to “Aristocats” cartoon heroes. And I’m so proud to be one of the bloggers from all over the world represanting this collection to you, considering I’m such a huge fan of everything fluffy and purring. 🙂

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    Amazing Borovsk phototour

    by Kseniia

    I’m such a huge fan of traveling around Russia! We may have difficulties with the present and doubts about the future, but it goes without saying we have an outstanding past, knowing and seeing which is a must for everybody. I’m especially fond of auto travels. That is the only way to understand and to feel the real life “outside MKAD”, life, that is probably more real, logic and amazing, than the one we got used to.

    After our summer huge project Live your Life, Love your City when we visited 10 Russian cities in two weeks, many of our friends refuse to travel around Russia, thinking it all takes to much time and money to organize such trip. Which is totally not true! Sometimes it can be enough to spend one day traveling, to find out domething new and interesting about our cities and people living in them. It is like that with Borovsk, where we drove on a cute Seat Leon, painted in Gaudi technique and given to us for a test-drive. This tiny city has seen great historical events which I’m now going to tell you about.

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    Videoguide to amazing Verona

    by Kseniia

    My dears, I’m here, I’m with you, I’m still alive:) Last week was way to crazy and even my trained brain couldn’t make it: we are just back from our fantastic trip to London with Next.com.ru, just moved in our first flat with Alesha, everything seems so strange and new now, and my job is growing from busy to over-busy and I can hardly name the day of the week now, living in my own world (but that is not a complain!).

    The only thing bringing me back to reality is our blog, which accasionally turned into the guide to the past: we were here, than here, seen this, spoke about that… OK, now I can remember everything!:)

    So let’s go through the days of our honey weekend trip to Verona today. Remember them still?

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