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Winter paradise: Arosa (Switzerland)

by Kseniia

That is how handsome the life in Switzerland can be! Well, not for everybody, of course, but for those who live and work in Arosa, that is 3 hours by train away from Zurich and 1 700 meters above the sea level (all the anders, I bet, do not complain as well). I was lucky to visit this place thanks to the invitation of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. This journey had completely changed my opinion about the winter holidays. Honestly, I was always a type of person, preferring summer beaches to snowy mountains ( really feel like having enough snow for half a year here in Moscow). Th first surprise I discovered was that actually it’s not really cold in mountains. I even got tanned:) So it was an absolutely new way to have rest and an incredible enjoyment. .

After we arrived, I had a little time for a walk through the city and the next day we went to the mountains, so today I’m going to show you some photos of the wonderful views I managed to do those days.

Arosa is a famous ski resort. And it firstly become famous after Arthur Conan Doyle remarkable trip from Davos, where he often skied, to Arosa, where he had dinner with two of his guides in a first ever hotel in Arosa. So that is how it all got started! Not that quickly, of course:) But what’s more important is that today Arosa is a well-known among the skiers and snowboarders from all over the world place of interest thanks to it wonderful slopes and an active city-life.

The view from my hotel room window.

I totally felt in love with Arosa at the first sight. Everything is so harmonically, open-hearted and warm-welcoming here! The town where tourists live is very small, precisely it consists of only one street. But how wonderful it is! People in skiing costumes sitting outside the cafes, kids riding sleds and snowboarders slowly strolling around in a plush costumes (do you know that funny plaid-costumes?:) ).

Arosa has that sportive and family atmosphere at the same time. Let me explain you what I mean. After Arosa we went to St.Moritz – one of the most popular places for russian skiers, being the capital of Winter Olympics twice and the so called glamour center in mountains. People go there obviously not because of being sport fans, but because they just want to eat tadty and shop good in a beautiful place. In Arosa people do not care about it. They are really here for skiing or snowboarding. It’s a very friendly community of people being on the same wave. Even slopes here are made so that you can see the other skiers – such a circle, going down to the place where everybody can eat and have a rest.

I was always capturing pointers there, cause they looked so photogenic:)

A very cute cafe. People in Arosa do never hide inside, they prefer to spend as much time in the streets as possible. As I already said, I was really surprised by how warm it can be in snowy mountains! While having a walk there we even removed our jackets, hats and scarves. Can you imagine how cool it is – to walk just like that in winter, to sunbath while drinking hot and tasty tea?:) There is no summer spot on Earth that can be better for me now than that!

The next day we went for a walk in mountains with a fantastic views and happy athletes. And anyone can be an athlete there – from a tiny kid, just doing his first steps, up to a grow-up couples, slowly walking down one of the 60 km specially organized walking paths. They can also have a rest on such benches:

By the way, anyone can have such bench with his own name in Arosa. All you have to do is to choose a place and pay a certain amount of money!

Our small group with Jacky, Tschuggen Grand Hotel fitness instructor, as a guide. She was so cute and patiently spoke German with me almost all the way long. At the end I was already doing a little better:).

Isn’t the view just breathtaking?

And our photo after making it 10 km up the mountain! I’ve already posted it in my Instagram. You can follow me on the main page of the blog or directly in an App by adding @thestylejungle_marieclaireru as a friend.

And now you tell me about you winter vacation experience! Have you ever tried it and how was it?

See you soon!:)

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