CUT at 45 Park Lane – for those, who is good in meat

by Kseniia

When I’m saying I’m in love with food I literally mean it. Alesha sometimes thinks I have an addiction, like from drugs:) ‘m one of those eating tasty dish till the end even if they are about to burst.

And because of that we could have never skipped an invitation from London restaurant CUT for a dinner, despite the fact we were so tired that day that only wanted to stay in room and lie on a bad. Despite even the fact I don’t eat meat and CUT is a steakhouse:)

Restaurant is situated on the first floor of 45 Park Lane Hotel, part of the famous Dorchester Collection (by the way, the legendary The Dorchester is just opposite it) and belongs to the well-known Austrian chief Wolfgang Puck. He is just as a right chief should be: with more than 20 restaurants all over the world, cook books and TV-show, what’s more – he is an official chief for Oskar Gubernatorial ball. The information just to know what to expect further:)

Because I, honestly, had no idea what to wait from this dinner. I’m not the friquent visitor of such places:) So I was a little worried. But CUT turned to be a very nice, relaxing place. Despite the status, despite the very difficult to be cosy location, reminding more of a lobby, than a restaurant, narrow and long, with a kitchen just behinf the door next to our table. But the beautiful view of Hyde Park from the panoramic windows, rushing back and forth traditional London red buses, people, celebrating someone’s Birthday inside made the right atmosphere. Calm and so to say… familiar, like we are here every evening. What pleased me as well – number of people: all tables were booked!

American steak-house CUT opened in London 3 years ago and became one of the Puck’s chain restaurants with the same name (you can also find them in Beverly Hills, Las-Vegas, Dubai and Singapore. And there are not only British steaks on a menu but American and Australian as well. Saying nothing about the very speciall Japaneese ones, having the best reviews from the visitors.

That is how waiters show the meat to the visitors, explaining the nuances of taste and cooking methods of each.

But before choosing the main dish, you still can enjoy delicious cheese pastry (one of the most delicious cheese things I ever had!) and a variety of breads they cook themselves with different butters. You can eat as much as you can:)

My incredible appetizer – scallop carpaccio:

I’ve chosen lobster as my main dish and Alesha went for Australian rib eye. YOu can as well choose any side dish. We went for three of them:) My husband’s favorite mac’n’cheese, some kind of vegetables and something more, I now can’t even remember, what exactly it was. In other words, our table for two was full:)

I really liked that personal attitude: our waiter asked if we had any allergies or disliked any kind of spices and ingredients to avoid them while cooking.

Lobster was fantastic! And Alesha didn’t liked his steak that much, actually, He said there was to much fat (may be, it’s supposed to ne like that?) and the taste was not that saturated. By the way, it’s not the first time I see a man ordering big piece of meat and not enjoying it:) May be, they are just to used to nuggets?

I will be honest with you – CUT is not democratic in prices at all. Appetizers are around 15-30 pounds and steak is up to 100 pounds. For us now is way to much:) But if you ever have an opportunity – I would strongly recommend to visit this place. At least for desserts (or those cheesy little things) and peaceful evening chat. We spend more than 3 hours in this restaurant and even after finishing wine, desserts and tea, stayed for a slow talk and a moment of absolute enjoy of our life:)

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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