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Happiness is here to stay

by Kseniia

On our 4th day in Israel I suddenly realized how absolutely fabulously happy I was. Are you familiar to thar rare moments of mental nirvana, when you somehow know, that everything is going to be fine? You feel more confident, your emotions become more intensive and you unexpectedly turn into crazily happy optimistic person.

And all you have to do to feel it is breath out, relax and live today. Or just go to the sunny Eilat in the mid January, walk bare footed, eat an ice cream, swim in the Red Sea with the dolphins, make cats photos all day long and swim in a pool up the tree house:)

That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Israel just presented me a second birth, I can easily remember how slowly I was turning into other person – from an angry and tired to the one you can see at the photos now. Easy inmind, easy in body. All I want to do now is dance, jump, make jokes, be careless and stay like that as long as possible.

How much we got used to depend on social rules. We have even forgotten how to listen to ourselves, but when you only leave your common routine behind,you realize you not only hadn’t any idea about the world around you, but about even yourself! Now it’s time to get known with that "stranger" and learn how to trust him. Because you can only be happy forever if you trust yourself

Thanks to AnnaMidday for these photos:)

I’m wearing:

Blouse OASAP
Jeans United Colors of Benetton
Sneakers Converse ("Tsvetnoy" for Ksenia Ruzanova)
Bag Next.com.ru

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