Sky is the only limit: restaurant 1-Altitude with a panoramic view over Singapore

by Kseniia

People in Singapore are pretty much fans of everything called “world’s the most”. They will be equaly happy to have the largest/fastest/most expensive as well as the smallest and cheapest. The only must is to not have anything better anywhere else. Of course, after having an opportunity to see all this, it may seem a little stupid to begin my story about Songapore with the restaurant, but, listen, first of all, it was really were tasty, and secondly it is the higest al fresco (which means – roofless) restaurant in the world. Impressed now?:)

1-Altitude is situated on 280 meters heights. It’s one of the three highest Singapore buildings. By the way, despite the skyscrapers growing so fast here, they can’t go highers than this due to the closeness of the Changi airport. All these highest buildings are located at Raffles place – business area of the country, settled in 1822.

This name – Raffles – you will meet in several more places of the city. Locals tend to call everything the best that way. That’s how much they love this british businessman sir Stamford Ruffles:)

But let’s goback to the restaurant. To be more precise it’s even a restaurant complex, which begins with the A.L.T cafe on the ground floor. Taking the panoramic elevator to 61 floor, you will get to the Altimate club. I wasn’t there, so have nothing to say about:)

And one more floor higher you will finally get to the Stellar – the tasties restaurant you can imagine. It’s better to reserve tables here, espeсially iа you want the ones with the view, though on Monday evening there were some free, but without the view.

There is an intersting way to write price in Singapore – they normally add “++” to it. For example table d’hote dinner (which means you’ll have to choose one dish in each cathegory) will cost you 65++ Singapore dollars. So be ready to add 10% of serving fee (you don’t have to leave tips here, they are included in a bill) and 7% of tax (like in America, where they writhe costs without taxes!). By the way, prices in Singapore are higher than in Russia (even with the old currensy exchange rate), so tourists usually get ready to it in advance.

For this money we’ve got:

– the tastiest ever mushroom soup. Honestly, all the peranakan, malasian and chineese cuisine later wasn’teven close to it!

– the tastiest fish I’ve tried here. By the way, I was so surprised to find out that Singapore is importing even the seafood, despite being an island in a sea. The thing is it’s one of the world’s largest ports and the water around is not good for fishing. They literally import everything, even the drinking water! So growing to one of the leading countries in 50 years becomes even more unbelievable:)

– and the “hot” desserts. The one on the right is anice cream, by the way. Mouthwatering sorbet. Chacolade praline appeared to be with an alcohol, so I prefered the first one:)

Some more food from neighbors:)

But let’s stop speaking of food. It’s OK for locals, cause they can even get offended if you don’t ask how was their breakfast ot lunch today, but totally not OK for tourists, when there is yet 1-Altitude rooftop bar with a crazy 360 view to the city to be visited.

You can just relax and sip a cocktail, while enjoying the views and a life music here.

And here comes the view finally:)

The famous Mariba Bay hotel with a rooftop swimming pool is to the right and the world’s second largest (the first one, only 2 meters higher, appeared in 2014 in Las Vegas) wheel is to the left:

That was one of many wonderful places I visited in Singapore. So, how did you like it?


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