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“Successful blog secrets” workshop in photos and video

by Kseniia

Though I have a strong feeling, that my lecture was like an ages ago, it happened not earlier than last Wednesday. And I can’t resist from repeating all my thanks and love for those who came despite the awful weather. I can do it thousand more times. All your questions, gratitude and patience during my 3 hours speech is always the best motivation for me and my team. The fact that you stayed after the workshop to chat informaly is so important for me! I hope you really found something new and useful for turning your blog into professional one. And I’m looking forward for those private meetings we arranged with some guests in order to discuss their blogs and plans. Isn’t it exciting?

Talking about the workshop itself… I’m so impressed by the "Banka" space at Flacon where we met. It is such an inspiring, cozy and friendly place! Can’t wait to show you photos we made there after the workshop. Though they don’t look friendly or even near cozy, I’m still in love with them. Our unusual shooting is not more that another compliment to multifunctionality of this place.

I also want to thank girls from Maxima for inviting me. And for tea with sweets!:)

My other thanks go to our dear partners from Lo – for gifts for guests.

Don’t miss my next workshop! It is always a great inspiration for both sides (I hope).🙂

Photos and video be: Aleksey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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