Summer holidays idea: a week in Finland for only 150 euros!

by Kseniia

So much was already said about Finland in this blog! If you only open country tag, you will immediately get inside the world of close connection with nature, total relax and cozy hapiness of living here and now. That is just how Finland looks like! And despite I will never get bored to describe this amazingly comfy feeling you get while traveling in this country, today’s post is going to be more practical. Here is the way to spend a week on a golf resort by the lake in an incredibly beautiful house for only 150 euros.

It normally takes about 40 minutes to get to cute little town of Hyvinkaa from Helsinki. This place somehow reminds me of students’ campuses: everything is full of light, close to each other, a lot of caffees and sculptures, tiny bridges and glass walls are placed everywhere around. Well, that is how University looks like in my perfect world:) But we’re not going to stay here too long (may be, just to visit Teddy Bear or train museums) and will fastly proceed to Kytaja Golf, that is 10 more minutes away. 

One of the best Finnish golf resorts was many times awarded with different local and international prizes. Local landscapes were created by Canadian architect, who made sure to turn slow game in an exiting journey: the views around do constantly change during the game. But…

… Honestly, who of you would really go there for golfing? Living by the lake, where you can swim and do some fishing, in a giant house with a panoramic views and a light Scandinavian design inside for only 150 euros a week makes difference, isn’t it? Just imagine, the house we stayed at in winter, costs only 1 568 euros for a week. No, I’m not a billionaire and this ammount of money seems huge to me. But the secret is the house fits 10 people, cause has 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, dinning room and a personal sauna. Why not to hang out with friends in here for a while? Sharing the weekly price among 10 people looks really budget-friendly!

Our perfect day in Kytaja Golf consisted of warm evenings (that luckily begin soon after the sunrises in winter) on fluffy carpet before the firelplace with fruits and "Dwntown Abbey" series. Of early breakfasts behind a sunny wooden table with a fresh air coming from an opened to the balcony door. Of working hours in a library by the window – windows are everywhere here! You know what? I was really enjoying that feeling of being a housewife in a big beautiful home:) Somehow you are eager to clean it, to follow healthy eating rules and live your dreams in a places like that.

I’m wearing: home costume NOON

I probably love winter too much, cause wasn’t warried about closed for winter restaurant or golf fields at all! Instead I got a perfect silence and a possibility to just sit on a terrace with hot tea and a blanket without thinking that someone might disturb your meditation (cause it’s really important for introverts like me!).   🙂

I’m wearing: pullover Sela

There are even more activities in summer: golf, obviously, fishing, hourse riding, evening dinners at a restaurant, kids playground and forests, that have no end or begining. Saying nothing about the capital only 40 minutes away. Let’s go?

На мне: пуловер Sela

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