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Tauranga Historic village

by Kseniia

Tauranga is definitely not the place you visit to upgrade your historical education – it is called the most popular holiday destination for reason, don’t you think so? People come here to swim, to hike, to drink coffee outside. But if occasionally you find yourself too bored after several long days of sunbathing (like it’s even possible!), there is still something for a change. And that is the Historic Village on 17th street. Wanna have a virtual tour to begin with? You’re more than welcomed!

This place is designed to show visitors, how people used to live in our city centuries ago. Though I know for sure, that some buildings are original and some are just a replica, it was impossible to find out, which exactly are what! All I know is that marvelous church behind the pond is not that old:( But does it make it any less attractive? Definitely not.

Today Historic Village is a home to over 50 local businesses – cafes, shops, art galleries and museums, sport’s centers, concert’s halls. No surprise it gets especially crowded on Sundays, when local farmers’ market takes place.

As it normally happens in New Zealand, Historic Village appeared to be not only a collection of houses and cozy streets, but a nice place to enjoy nature. How comes, that wherever you go, you will always find admiring nature in there? Historic Village is surrounded by picturesque gardens, that I absolutely loved to explore!

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