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Virtual guide to Verona streets

by Kseniia

I’m always angry with how Alesha manages to keep our photos and videos undone for a long time. We still have so much to show you from London! But what to say about London if we even haven’t showed everything we shooted in America more than half a year ago! But may be this is the biggest enjoy – to remember everything while making photos in some time? It’s like a modern “family album”. Let’s be honest, we do not make those albums anymore (or do you?)^ so that is probably a new version of the tradition.

So there are no photos of naked crying kids in our family album, only wonderful photos of a beautiful Verona – a place, where are family story started after wedding.

I wonder, why I remember Verona as such an unbelievably romantic town? Because of all those loving couples coming here to see the Romeo and Julliette city or because that were our first days as a family? I think, I can’t answer this question:) But anyway I can’t imagine the place that would fit my mood that days more – a perfect place for those who want to escape from common way of living for a couple of days.

How wonderful it was to walk through this streets, thinking about nothing, to eat delicious food. I can do this all life long:) So today I suggest you to join our walk through the magical Verona!

There was one place in a historical part of Verona where I felt even more comfortable and cosy than at famous and big streets or areas (excluding just, may be, Piazza delle Erbe, which I’m yet going to tell about). That was that wonderful smal distruct by the river next to St. Anastasia church. By the way, that is the place where we made my favorite photo by the bench in this shooting.

People do not take photos or buy souvenirs here (though, I should say, there are really very few souvenir shops in Verona, this place is definitely not too touristic). They live here, meet friends, read books at the embankments.

And here is the most touristic (and probably the less comfortable) place here – Julliette’s balkon:

And this is one more sight: Arena di Verona. The place where Alesha probably made the best shoots for this video:

There are those marvelous Bra Gates by the Arena:

And that is my favorite photo – San-Giorgio-and-Braida cathedral. The only building we left the historical part of Verona for. Though it may sound cool, but all we did – crossed the bridge:)

By the way, it’s not even a cathedral, but a monastery, built in XI century (which is not really old for Verona, trust me).

For example, roman anciant Gavi Arch appeared in the FIRST century. How crazy is that?Unfortunately, today we can only see the reconstructed in XX century version, still made of the ancient materials.

And at the wonderful Piazza delle Erbe you can find the statue, madein 380! That is Maria in the fontain. This place is one of the most crowded in the city: a lot of caffees, markets and events are held here.

This girl is a football fan. And she asked us for a photo of our phantom, because of the fact she recently saw the game, where football fans, who weren’t allowed to visit stadium, send a note to footballers with the same phantom. 🙂

And here are some more photos of this amazing city:

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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