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Philips Energy Up: summer mood every day

by Kseniia
Winter holidays and my Switzerland trip were so in time! After almost 20 days of rest I now don’t have to wake up in a complete dark anymore. I think, you agree, that it can be quite sad to wake up in a dark and to return home from work in a dark every day… Though it has been a little easier for me this year. Thanks to Philips’ present – the wonderful tiny Energy Up lamp, that boosts energy.

I remember, you, guys, were rally fancy to know more about it, when I posted a picture in my Instagram (@thestylejungle_marieclaireru). So, it has a soft, but bright blue light (with a variety of intensities), that is assosiated with the summer sky. Our brain are made to be happy when they see the blue sky, so we cheer up and get new energy to live.

Since the lamp is not just a decoration, it has some rules. They recommend not to use Energy Up in a dark room,use it regulary and for a certain ammount of time (for your convenience there is a timer as well).

Honestly, I’m not the most responsible user of this thing, but I like to switch it on sometimes while having dinner or reading. It makes me calm and relaxed after a stressfull day. I’m not sure if it adds some energy, cause I only use it to sleep more:) But anyway, when you’re satisfied with your life and emotionally happy, you’re ready for any new begining!

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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