Everything you need to know about Langkawi island in Malaysia to have the best vacations ever

20.06.2016 BY Kseniia

To be honest, my trip to Malaysia was so emotional, that all I can do now is to open my 100 ready to be posted photos, look through them, feel sorry and close them again. Cause I really have no idea, how to fit all that in one post and still make it understandable. So, let's move step by step:) And today I want to discuss several details that, of course, won't ruin your vacations, but are way better to be taken care about in advance. 

1. How to get to Langkawi 

The most important thing on a long flights is to feel comfortable. And with Turkish Airlines it's gonna be just like that! They have a perfect connection flights via Istanbul, where we've spend two hours on our way to Langkawi and three hours on our way back to Russia. Their food is still a perfection - be ready to eat on your way to Istanbul and twice more during the 10 hours flight to Kuala-Lumpur. During the flight you can watch movies, listen to the music, play or sleep (sleeping mask, tooth brush and paste and other vital things will be in a given travel kit). Pure luxury!

The last part of our trip (from Kuala-Lumpur to Langkawi) we made with the local airlines - Malasia Airlines. Despite the customs and new baggage check-in 1,5 hours was quite enough. Though we ran almast all the way. Just to be on the safe side:)

And some good news: Russian don't need Malay visa!

2. Where to stay at Langkawi 

This national park island on the West of the country is such a contrast and amazing place. You can choose either "party" streets with cheap hotels and lots of caffees to make new friends or a relaxed, beautiful and highly marked resorts like five stars Four Seasons Langkawi. This place is so magical, that I will even write a different post about it as soon as I will believe it wasn't a miracle:)

By the way, Four Seasons' guests have no reasons to even leave the hotel territory. They have everything right here: huge, 1,5 kn\m's long beach, thousands of activities to try and experienced guides in case you still want to see something more. What a life!

And here is my video about this place, in case you don't want to wait for the text. 

3. Is the rainy season worth visiting Langkawi

Absolutely! I woud even say - it is a perfect time to visit the island. There are less tourists and a huge discounts on hotels (just imagine saving 40% out of 1 449 euros per night for the 220 square metes villa with a personal pool, patio, massage room and outdoor shower I stayed in). Local rains might look frightening - with a strong wind and tons of water falling all at once from the sly. But normally they don't last too long - 15-20 minutes and disappear completely in another 15 minutes without making any changes to the temperature, that is +30 degrees in here all year round. Not a high pay for all those benefits, agree?

4. What to pack for Langkawi vacations

Well, I've already told about the clothes and cosmetics for the tropical countries. And what I never thought about, surprisingly, was an anti-moskito spray. They can be really cruel at nights or a bit deeper in jungles (what exactly what Langkawi in total is).

Malay climate has a very high level of humidity, so many common things work way different in here. For example, in a couple of hours after the arrival your skin would become as smooth as it never yet was. So don't bother about the traditional hydrating creams or lotions. What you will really need is a good sunscreen (I used La Roche-Posay 50+ and wore long sleeved clothes but got burned anyway!) and some stuff to fix the results of the sun explosion. I fell in love with Ultraceuticals body cream with lemon scent - it literally saved me! I also used Guinot cooling cream for the foot - the best way to relax after an active day. Don't bother about most of your common make up pieces as well. They disappear in 10 minutes after you live the room! I only used my mascara and the brows powder. What I also enjoyed was wearing my compact lenses for as long as it was needed - they never got dry:))

5. What to do at Langkawi

Wow, this theme is so huge that I can literally talk for ages. In spite of being a small island (500 square kms, that we drove around with several stops for beaches and souvenirs n two hours), there are so many activities in there, that you can explore them all life long:) Mangroves, jungles, that you can observe from a high bridge, honey farms with the unique local bees, that do not bite, folks arts, sky diving, helicopter riding, rock climbing, archery, cycle excursions to the waterfalls or rice fields, kayaking, windserfing and any kinds of water-wind activities.

Four Seasons also turned to be very sporty. How wrong I was to expect leisure rest on a beach! Evrything I wrote above you can try here along with the one and only in the country X-Jetblades (water shoes, that ou can fly with over the water). In addition to that, you can join the everyday morning yoga in a lotus pond or switch it to SUP-yoga. There is also a tennis court and a gym on a territory. 

6. Langkawi fauna

Humans do always feel like aliens on this beach. True owners of the island are local animals and birds. They live in a national park, protected by UNESCO, where people have no rights to change anything, just to live side by side. Monkeys, for example, know perfectly when and where to come for breakfast and make such a hungry faces, that you can hardly resist (but should to - they are not hungry and shouldn't eat our food).

Even the island itself was called after the local symbol - wonderful red eagle. You can see them everywhere in here. But the most spectacular way is to take Mangrove & Eagle Safari, organized in Four Seasons by amazing Aidi, who knows everything about Langkawi's nature and is about to release his new book. The second option (probably not that exiting) is to visit local capital city Kuah, where you will see a statue of an eagle as high as 18 meters. And I took a guide for a car photo safari. What an experience it was! We drove slowly across the ride fields to not frighten the eagles, slowly opened the car doors and took pictures. So exciting!

But such an integration into the nature is not always pleasant. For example, someone ate my fruits in a closed villa twice in four nights! And on the first morning Ive found two huge worms in a wardrobe room. They weren't pretty at all, but behaved nice.

Однако должна предупредить, что не всегда соседство с дикой природой такое милое или завораживающее. Например, дважды за четыре ночи кто-то съедал мои фрукты прямо в закрытой вилле! А в гардеробной в первый день поселились две огромных гусеницы. Понаблюдав за ними пару минут, я заставила себя поверить, что они не самые приятные внешне, но зато вполне безобидные. И даже смирилась:)

7. How to behave like a local in Langkawi

First of all make sure you ave enough cash. 1 malaysian ringgit costs in june 2016 about 16 russian rubles. They don't except cards in too many places, so this way you just can be sure, that you have an opportunity to buy whatever you want or need.

And secondly, relax! You're on vacations! Rent a bike (or use a cycle that are offered to all guests in Four Seasons) and explore the island, swim in the waterfalls, meet locals, take a pictures of a black beach. The only philosophy of Langkawi is to feel the pleasure of the moment. They are never in a rush, always smily and yes - prefer to do nothing during the rains:)

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