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‘Gore Boy’ Luke Dawson

by Kseniia
If I had to describe New Zealand fashion in one world, I would have said “honest”. “Honest” and “real”. Well, these are two words already, but they go hand in hand and I simply can’t choose. All the local designs I’ve seen so far were a perfect reflection of a personality behind them. Whether we’re talking about super comfy, minimalistic clothes by Home-Lee, produced by working mum and determined business woman. Or romantic, modest style of My Boyfriends Back, created by a gorgeous fairy from another planet…

Luke Dawson’s name is quite new to the industry, but from the very beginning I knew – he will fit in perfectly. This guy is super honest in what he does. He loves drawing comics, so he features his comic character, ‘The Boy from Goreville” in his collections. He wears caps and oversized tees, so his streetwear collections are all about caps and oversized tees. He loves fashion, so he’s a full-time meatworker during the day, which helps him to pursuit his dream career after hours. And this last fact fascinates me the most. I mean, how often do you meet people honest (and brave?) enough to admit they have a dream, but the path there requires hard work. Our Instagram-perfect world makes everything other than “I meditate, drink smoothies and travel for living” look outdated, coming from that medieval world where businesses still had offices and people used to spend there 9 hours per day.

So I’m extremely happy to see how step by step Luke’s dreams are coming true: you can now buy his clothes both online and offline, he had  his fashion show at New Zealand fashion week last year, several mags have interviewed him. What’s next? I bet on full-time designer job:)

And I’m proud that me and Alex are already among those lucky people to wear his clothes! Luke supplied us with his tees for a recent trip to Kaikoura and I love these photos so much, I just had to share them with you.

Website: lukedawson.co.nz

Facebook: LukeDawsonClothing

Instagram: lukedawsonclothing

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