Happy animals of Ambury Farm

by Kseniia
There is no shortage of places to get up close and personal with animals in New Zealand. Paradise Valley Springs in Rotorua offers you to feed cute deers and wallaby, and watch lions’ feeding from a safe distance. Staying at Wacky Stays in Kaikoura means hugging llamas and ponies every morning.

But there is something very special about Ambury Farm, located only 15 km from Auckland. Despite this place being crowded most of the time (it’s close to New Zealand’s largest city, it’s free and there is a camp ground, what else were you expecting!), you’re not just another guest here. Surrounded by baby sheep and calves, you feel as if you were living here forever. Because where else, if not at home, you’re allowed to open every door, to sneak into the paddock and legally pet a cow or a goat! I honestly had to stop myself from naming all the animals there 🙂

The farm boasts spectacular views, the kind you would rather expect somewhere on South Island – green grass, sparkling blue water, mountain peaks in the distance and endless cute sheeps wandering freely on this giant territory. But it’s not only all watching and playing with animals here. Arrive in time, and you’ll see milking cows or sheep shearing.

Address: 43 Ambury Road

Open 24 hours

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