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Our favourite photos of 2017

by Kseniia

2017 was a unique year for us. The first ever year to be spent entirely in a new to us country. The first ever year, when each of us have only added one new country to the list of the places we’ve been to. The first ever year to explore as much as we could inside New Zealand (and never be satisfied with the amount we’ve seen already).

The last days of December are the days of summaries and results everywhere – in blogs, vlogs and magazines, but this time we decided to leave the worlds behind and just show you some of our favourite photos that were taken during 2017.  Hobbiton, the Coromandel, Hawke’s Bay, Taupo, Whakatane, White Island, Hamilton Gardens, Zealong Tea Estate, Rotorua, our beautiful Tauranga, Alex winning his first photography award, that epic trip to Maldives and Singapore – we have over 100 pics in the “Favourites” folder. And we’ll do or best to not let you get bored:)

Looking through this photos, I can’t stop smiling – so many warm and beautiful memories are captured here. And the nicest thing is that far not all of them were taken at some breathtaking locations. While scrolling further, you’ll notice a lot of really private, daily, bit still oh so special moments: us at our favourite cafe, or walking at the park next to our house during the sunset, or enjoying that much needed sunshine with my mum and niece after a week of crazy rains… I mean, after all, aren’t these moments – the most priceless ones? The days spent with your closest friends and family, when you can share your daily rituals and casual habits with the beloved ones.

I wonder, if we should start a tradition to print some photos at the end of the year? Imagine all these albums in several years!

P.S. I’m definitely overdoing that pointing out gesture while posing for remarkable photos, haha:)


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