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Tips&Tricks: online promotion for money

by Kseniia

Frankly speaking, I’m tired of watching how bloggers substitute themselves. Just think of it: you can’t have more that 10K Instagram followers and receive not more than 35 likes for new photos. Impossible to receive 1000 new followers on Youtube every day and don’t have any comments or likes for videos (if only they’re not that bad and borring). No need to lie about your statistics because there are thousands of web-sites to check this.

Of course, you can buy everything today. But if you have money, why not to spend them on something really usefull (and honest!) for your blog? Even million fake followers don’t cost the trust of your real readers and partners, believe me.

Today I want to share some methods to pay for promotion and to stay on the honest side. Some of them I use myself, some of them have seen at work, but I hope you will use only them and stay a "good blogger".

What is forbidden

To buy followers in social networks

First of all, even idiot will understand, that your followers are not real if they don’t comment and like your posts. Secondly, there are special utilites and web-sites to check this (and there are also web-sites for deleting "dead" followers, so if you did it once – go and clean everything! Lets start with the blank page!). Moreover, social networks themselfs fight with this, so they will clean your fake popularity some day.

Likes in competitions

Fake likes excist since the time web competitions only appeared. And everyone knows that. And brands even use competitions to grow their audience without paying (by paiments of their real followers, actually). Of course, it’s not good, but who cares if it’s a big business? So think twice – do you really nead that shampoo/necklace/perfume so much, you’re ready to pay may be even more, that it costs in the shop?


Yes, there is such a service:) You pay and people write about you on forums and different web pages. But if there is no real buzz around your blog, may be you’d better think what are you doing wrong, rather than create a fake buzz?

What can be bought

Targeted ads

I’m using targeted VK ads. They have friendly system, that is easy to understand. You can choose city, age, gender, interests of the people who would see your advertisement.

Small recommendation! Don’t go for the price VK recommends. It is the highest price in your cathegory, so your ad will be the priority and shown more often. But we are not in a hurry, are we?

Usually I pay 2-3 rubles for click or 1-2 rubles for 1000 views. Wheather to choose clicks or views is only up to you and your experience. If your ad doesn’t have high CTR (and it’s not unless you’re giving shoes for free or have a video of naked Justin Bieber), you’d better go for clicks.

Ad promotion

I’m talking about Facebook this time. There is no need to tell, how many new photos and links are posted to Facebook everyday, so it’s not a surprise that your friends can miss your super important and cool post. Help them to see it!

If you want to promote your personal account post, it will only cost you 250 rubles. But it will extremely increase the audience. Approximately 5-10% of the promoted post audience are those who would have noticed post without your payment. Worth trying!

If you’re promoting public post, things become even more interesting. You can choose if you want to promote it among the public subscribers or include new people (in the second case you can surely target the audience), you can choose the amount of money you are ready to spend and Facebook will show you the number of people who are going to see your post for this money.

After the promoting Facebook will kindly send the report directly to your e-mail.

Banners on friendly web-sites

Of course, they are not working that good anymore. Of course, you will have to spend time and prepare banner that will be attractive to the audience of a web-site you’re working with. Of course, you will have to find this web-site first! But who said blogging is easy? If you want results, stop reflexing and start searching!

Another option is to connect to the teasers net (or "exchanger"). That net would automatically show previews of your posts on several web-sites also connected to that net. You’ve probably met such things in online glossy magazines! The main trick is to find teaser net that would match the audience you’re looking for and offer a good price.

Searching engine ads

To tell you the truth, I never did it myself. Technically everything looks very simple. You join direct.yandex.ru or google.com/adwords, choose the key words matching your blog post and… promote! But professionals say that there’re a lot of tricks and for the beginners it can be absolutely ineffective. It goes without saying that you’d better not promote popular words like "fashion" or "sping-summer 2014". But why not to try something more narrow and reflecting your blog?

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