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Our favourite New Zealand beauty brands

by Kseniia

What does the last day of the month mean? Time to share a third part of our special project devoted to the best New Zealand brands! In case you missed all the fun (how could you?!), here are our favourite food brands and our favourite fashion brands.

The way people organise their businesses in New Zealand is so inspiring! Everyone tries to keep it as sustainable, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly as possible. And beauty industry is an obvious leader in this approach. All the local brands I discovered so far are natural, mostly vegan and, of course, are never tested on animals. And I am so happy to know that I’m not hurting anyone or anything by using these products. Trust me, it’s a great difference! Thanks to these responsible brands being a better version of yourself becomes easier. Both in terms of sustainability and beauty, of course!

So here is my personal TOP of local beauty brands. 



I simply can’t imagine my life without All Day Hydra-Defence Serum now! What a texture and results. Though when it comes to textures, Hzp+Co is absolutely incredible in each and every product they have. I totally ADORE lanolin hand cream, for example: nourishing, moisturising and disappears in a few seconds. 

Hzp+Co was born in the Bay and the ingredients they use are sourced around Tauranga – from local forests and orchards. By the way, if you look through the list of ingredients, you’ll probably be very surprised – creams and mists are 100% natural and every single ingredient is clear and familiar (avocado, kiwifruit, blueberry, etc.) How priceless is that?

But I have to be honest with you – there are also some disadvantages. First of all, a very limited range of products. Yes, the brand was only launched about half a year ago and there is a lot more to come, but still, I want more and I want it now! And secondly, be prepared that serum won’t last as long as you might have expected. I apply it every morning and it normally runs out in a month.


Instagram: @hzp.co

Nellie Tier

Nellie Tier was launched 10 years ago in Auckland. As many other successful and really special businesses, this one grew from a hobby. Best friends Ann Porter and Sara Said started to produce safe, effective and environmentally friendly skincare products for their own use. 

Now they have products for bath, body, scents, travel kits and even a special range for teenagers that are sold all over New Zealand and even in Japan.

By the time I discovered Nellie Tier, I was already familiar with several New Zealand beauty brands, so I was immediately attracted by the fact they also produce scents – something you will hardly find anywhere else. Other local brands are mostly focused on skincare. 

Their perfume is chemical free, natural and, what I love most of all, packed into tiny bottles perfect for travels and carrying them around in your bag all day long. Each bottle is only $19.50 and lasts FOR AGES! ‘Coriander&Bergamot’ is my personal favourite:)


Instagram: @nellietier

Beauty Tofu

Libby Whaley once gave Melanie-Jane Rogers, Beauty Tofu founder, a perfect definition – ‘Hot Vegan Mermaid" (so jealous I wasn’t the one to invent that!). That is how I think of her and her products ever since. Beauty Tofu is vegan, raw, unusual and definitely looks hot (though would look even better soon – Mel is currently in a process of changing her packaging and design).

So what is so unusual about her oils and cleansers? First of all, you won’t find traditional ‘night cream’, ‘anti-wrinkles oil’, etc. in here. She has ‘Complexion Correction’, ‘The Ultimate Mouth Detox’ and other surprising products. Things become even more unusual when you start reading instructions. ‘Sunrise and sunshine I am your GO 2 Natural UVA & UVB protecting aid. I am rich in protein and high in omega fatty acids to help correct & restore all Skin types. You will LOVE me. Try me as a make-up base I will be your new addiction’, says ‘C3 Cream‘, for example.

To tell you the truth, those descriptions are funny but can also be a bit confusing. Especially when English is not your native language:) So I’m still not 100% sure I’m using them correctly, though I’m totally satisfied with the results:) ‘Charcoal Complexion Cleanse’ is my favourite – every time I use it, my skin feels so refreshed and detoxified! 

By the way, Beauty Tofu is yet another beauty brand based in the Bay of Plenty.


Instagram: @beautytofu


Blac is the third brand from Tauranga on my list (did I ever mention we live in the best place on Earth? What do you mean ‘all the time’?!). And the one with the most stylish website. Look at those photos! Perfection!

While all the previous brands were mostly about the skincare, Blac is all about makeup. It was founded by Mary Estelle and Krystal Hayward – professional makeup artists from Auckland. For 20 years in a row they worked with best local designers and magazines. Mary had previously worked with Smashbox and Clinique.

When it comes to makeup brows are extremely important to me. First of all, because since childhood I have a scar that prevents my brows from being symmetric. And should I say – that’s a pain in the ass. Secondly, because goddamn, I can skip doing my hair or applying mascara but I would NEVER ignore brows. It’s just the way I am. So I started with Brow Wax Splitz and Brow Mascara. I was using Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder before and was absolutely happy with that. But would I buy it once again? Hell, no! Brow Wax Splitz by Blac has all I need and tiny brush that comes with it is just perfect! Exactly the width of an eyebrow, so drawing ideal line couldn’t easier. 


Instagram: @black_cosmetics


Last but not least on my list is a well-known brand from Wellington – Tailor. Sara Quilter was working for an organic fertiliser company in Grass Valley, California. That was the time when she discovered all the benefits of raw natural ingredients for our body and skin. So shortly after coming back to New Zealand she started Tailor – environmentally responsible, vegan (with a rare exception of bees wax, though), focused on sourced locally ingredients of a highest quality. 

It might be either perfect formula or Sara’s experience of working for huge ambitious company, but from a small start-up Tailor quickly grew to a recognisable in New Zealand brands.

And they continue to work hard, inventing new and new products or packaging all the time. For example, last month Tailor presented their new Mini Kit. How cute is it? For only $49 you get tiny moisturising face cream + face scrub + oil cleanse to remove makeup. Literally all you need while traveling! It goes without saying, I immediately added it to my wish list! 


Instagram: @tailorskincare 

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