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Where to snowboard in summer: ski resorts of the South Hemisphere

by Kseniia

I’m pretty sure, it’s impossible to not miss snowboarding during the summer period after only 5 or so winter months. Well, personally I definitely failed even after visiting 3 different ski resorts in 2016:) Luckily, there is no need to wait, because you can also return to the snowy mountains even in summer. First of all, thanks to the glaciers, that are located in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and other countries. And secondly, because when it’s summer in here, on the other hemisphere of Earth is a perfect winter. In my opinion, a feeling of actually going into the winter and not only into a cold weather, makes this experience even more exiting. So where to go for summer skiing and snowboarding?


Let’s start with the South America. Just because Patagonia is my numner 1 dream lately:) And if not going on a 2 weeks hikking in summer, you should definitely come here in winter.

The most famous (and largest in Latin America) ski resort in Patagonia is Bariloche. It is just 30 minutes away from an airport, on a lake Nauel Wapi. You can get here by bus. The best season is from the middle of July till the first half of October. People say, that local pists are mostly for the beginners, but De las Nubes and Carlitos are considered to be rather hard ones. After all, you can always choose off-pists ride:) The highest peak of the resort is 2 388 meters.

Web-site: catedralaltapatagonia.com


A year ago in Barcelona I was quite surprised to realize, that the Olympic champion in snowboarding, Tora Bright, was from Australia. That was the moment I understood it’s not always summer in there:)

Australian season is not that long – from July up to September, so do your best to take max of it! For example, while having fun in the largest and the most snowy resort Perisher Blue. It is located down the seven different mountains, all about 2 000 meters high, and is actually 4 different villages, connected together. This place is famous for its out of the slopes activities: concerts, competitions for guests, etc. It will only take you one hour to get there from the airport of Sydney. What I loved most of all, is that they have 6 slopes only for snowboarders. What a paradise! And the others mights also appreciate, that locals prefer to stay at Falls Creek or Mount Buller, that are closer to Melbourne, so Perisher is probably not that crowded. 

Web-site: perisher.com.au

New Zealand

While speaking about this part of the world:) New Zealand’s season is really long: from May up to November. Mount Hood on the South Island is the first to welcome guests. By the way, this resort is a home for international World Cup Ski circuit.

To sum it all up, main ski area of NZ is that around Christchurch and Queenstown. The second one is really picturesque itself: a small city on a lake shore, surrounded by the mountains. Can anything be more suitable for having rest and reload during the long walks? I wonder, how do they ever force themselves to get inside the houses?:) It will only take you 30 minutes from there to get to the Coronet Peak and about 45 minutes – to Remarkables, which is as high as 2 000 meters and has the most fantastic views and extreme pists in New Zealand. Though, some people say, that not all locals can afford having rest in here.

Web-site: nzski.com


Let’s get back to South America. They have an unusual resort, that is really popular among exclusive offers’ lovers – a tiny resort with only one hotel (and two cheaper lodges) Portello. Not more, than 450 people can be here at one time. But in order to have an opportunity to come here, you should firstly book your one week long accommodation with food and ski passes. Don’t be afraid, there is plenty to do even if you’re not on a slope today. Explore Laguna del Inca glacier or the highest Argentinian mountain Aconcagua (almost 7 000 meters!), go for a freeride or heli-ski tour, visit yoga classes or just relax in saunas.

By the way, Portillo is also a place for a World Cup and new speed records. Try to beat them from the mid June up to the beginning of October.

Web-site: skiportillo.com

Obviously, all that remoted countries have way more places, covered in snow all year round, I’ve just chosen the most unusual and interesting ones.

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