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  • Чтобы прочитать запись на русском (что, конечно, будет подробнее и интереснее!), кликните на иконку с флажком на панели меню.

    In the begining of April we’ve visited Riga Fashion Week once again. Of course, within the years of our friendship with this event, both of us have already chosen our own favorites, but we’re also always ready for a new discoveries. What was so special in fall-winter 2016 collections? We decided to show it in a new way – sharing each his own opinion. Let’s see, if husband and wife do always have the same point of view?

  • LifestyleTravel

    Daily vlogs from Riga?

    by Kseniia

    That feeling, when you’re finally done with photos from your trip to Riga and are about to go there again next week:) It will be my fifth time – there is no other city abroad, I’ve been to so often! Seems like I’ve seen a lot, I’ve shown a lot, but, trust me, there is still so much to be explored! And that’s why today I’m not only going to show you new photos, but will also ask you to do us a big favor and vote at the end of the article, wheather you’re fancy or not to follow our daily vlogs from Riga like we did in Finland. Each vote is so important to us! So don’t think long, click and scroll down:) 

  • District of Antonias, Albert and Strelnieku streets has many names: ambassadorial, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil. But the name doesn’t change the meaning – it’s one of the most beautiful places in Latvian capital (probably, after an Old City). That district is a place, where most of the buildings are decorated in Art Nouveau style and also where an Art Nouveau museum is located.

    I was really surprised to understand, that we have already visited this district once. The thing is, I had no idea it was it:) But this fall, inspired by my Jugendstil hotel Mercure on Elizabetes, 21a, I decided to have a look around once again.

  • Travel

    All roads lead to. Riga’s Old Town

    by Kseniia

    Speaking about Riga’s Old Town, I can only be sure in two things: you want to get back there again and again, and it’s impossible to navigate here:) Well, yes, you might say, that you can easily find your way from point A to point B in Old Town and so do I. But just because I memorize streets and buildings and not because I have a map in my head. There is just no logic:) Amazingly cozy Old Town firstly appeared in XIII century and turned to be a wonderful mixture of walls, yards, tiny churches and giant cathedrals, as well as narrow streets.

  • They suddenly asked my permission to seat at my table, when I was somewhere deep in my thoughts already. It was cold outside, probably even too cold for the end of October, but that freezing transparent cold was the one to let that smooth sun shine inside a glazed verand of a home-style cafe. Hot coffee was warming me up from the inside and a quite art lecture in the next room was too lulling. But there was something really special in these two, that made me return to the reality. They had life in them! That amazing, strong sence of life, that involves each part of you. Everything form the way they talked to each other to how she ate her tiny dessert was so special! I was too shy to stare at them, but just couldn’t resist. Luckily, my shortsighted habit to hold the phone in front of the eyes allowed me to have a sneek peek. I wanted to know everything about them and tell everyone about them. “Excuse me, can I, please, take a picture of you?” – I asked finally. “Sure, but what for?”. “Well, you see, I have a web-site, where I show my journeys…” “Do you mean, blog?” – he gave me a napkin and a pen, that was in his pocket. I left him this address. 

    It was a Saturday market at Кalnciema, a unique wooden district of Riga, where you can always meet such memorable and inspiring people.

  • Riga. Such a cosy, photogenic, welcoming capital. Everything is clear here, everything is close (not only in km’s, but in a way of thinking as well). The hugest joy in Riga is just to wonder across the streets until the hunger will bring you to yet another cute cafe. And don’t even try to follow the map, God only knows, why are they never telling the truth! I tried several times, but failed all the attempts. So, it’s always interesting to just follow your eyes.

  • FashionOur works

    Riga Fashion Week. Last season

    by Kseniia

    New season of Riga Fashion Week has just started. Sadly, I’m not there this time due to my job. But I’m happy to announce that my lovely Masha and Yana are covering it, so I at least can follow them. And in order not to feel such an outsider, I decided to show you this small video about our last season. Can you imagine, how hard it was to fit all that wonderful 5 days in a small video?:) Hope we managed to do it.

  • FashionOur works

    Riga Fashion Week: final day

    by Kseniia
    I now feel like Riga Fashion Week was ages ago. But that still doesn’t allow me not to show you some photos of the new collection by my love Alexandra Westfal. You will definitely like it! Cause that is the perfect wardrobe for the modern girl: outstanding, active businesswoman who travels a lot. By the way, that collection was even born during the flight! That is why you can see the printed sky in some details.
  • What I love Latvian design for is that unbanal approach for banal pieces. Seriously, you can often see such a basic looks at Riga fashion week shows, that they may seem way too simple even for those who only chose clothes according to theirs comfort and fade stage. But it takes only few model steps to find out that there are a lot of secrets hidden from the first view. Unique stitching, perforation seen only from a clother view or scales or any other feature. Something that makes us call this piece “designer” and not an ordinary. It also can be assymetric cuts on skirts, original coat collar or whatever. I should also mention that this details are usually all about breaking the dress-code or proportions. There is a real riot underneath this classic smart style! If I only had to characterize Latvian fashion with only two words, it would be “messy chic”.

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