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  • At some stage I was ready to admit we’re some sort of travel losers. Imagine having a tour cancelled TWICE due to the weather conditions… Doesn’t sound too bad? Wait until I tell you the tour is located in the SUNSHINE CAPITAL of New Zealand. Yep, story of my life:) But after the success of our third attempt to visit White Island (I bet, you have guessed by now), I truly believe the timing was just perfect!

  • Sometimes Alex says that instead of watching YouTube vlogs, I’d better watched several recipes by Gordon Ramsay… And I thought an ability to switch on the oven without burning your house was already cool enough in this era of take aways and frozen food:) But I should admit – creativity in the kitchen is definitely not my strongest point. That is why I was really excited to meet Liv Glazebrook from the Lewis Road Creamery and learn some new delicious breakfast ideas. After all, who else could come up with something amazing if not the New Product Development Manager? Here to the next many years of the French Toast for breakfast – no creativity, remember? Well, at least this one is totally worth being a constant habit.

  • I always had that thing with the delicious food. And thank God, New Zealand has it as well! Can’t say I was scared to find something too unfamiliar here, but, you know, growing up on buckwheat and beetroot soups makes you kinda attracted to the certain flavours. Surprisingly, within the past months we not only realised we can find absolutely everything in here, but also discovered some brand new favourites (crunchy peanut butter, I’m looking at you!). Today we are going to share our favourite local brands that are now always in our fridge.

  • When you meet one of Mini cars, it’s like you meet your old friend. You want to ask: “How are you?”, because you understand that a lot of things changed from your last meeting. But you still have a lot of good memories to share. Because we were travelling together across beautiful wineries in Krasnodar Regionexploring traditional handicrafts of Moscow Region in Russia. And that time was awesome because we were together. This new Mini Cooper S Convertible 2017 is like your old friend who still looks very stylish and fast.

  • The fact that March now means fall and not spring still sounds crazy to me. But the fact, that both seasons require approximately the same clothes makes the change a bit easier. If you’re still in search for the best items to get yourself ready for the next season, I have some good news:) Starting this Friday Autumn collection by my favorite local brand Home-Lee hits the stores (and online shop) and here is my choice of the three amazing outfits to fit all needs and occasions.

  • A lot of people like to travel by car. This is because of freedom and comfort of this kind of travel. We are huge fans of car travels and call them "Road adventures". You obviously can’t call us car experts. But we have an experience of driving a lot of cars, so we can compare them.

    We are trying not only to drive these cars, but to plan a trip to beautiful places and to share a story about it. And the car is the thing that makes this trips comfortable and unforgettable. That is why today I want to recall the 10 best test-drives we had and all the trips we have done by these cars.

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