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  • If you follow me on Instagram (@thestylejungle), you a) don’t know yet, that I’ve already visited that amazing and so emotional exhibition of Frida Kahlo works in Saint-P. (what I’m going to show tomorrow!); b) already know, that I was chosen to be one of two Russian ambassadors for the Swedish social project ShareWear.

    ShareWear’s idea is to pay people’s attention onto a problem of throwing 7 million tones of fabrics every year and to offer a good solution. VisitSweden and Swedish Institute offer not to throw, but to share clothes! They collaborated with local brands to create a collection, that you can not buy, only borrow.

  • Hey, dears! While you’re watching this sunny photos from Egypt (can you imagine, how hot it was there, that I could hardly survive in this sweater?), we’re on our way to snowy wonderland of Finland. Don’t forget, that our first daily vlog experiment is ahead! Please, subscribe to our chanel and, starting from the 14th of February, we will post a video per day befor 10 AM. We won’t publish them here, so will wait for your comments under the videos on YouTube! I truly believe, that honest videos like that are the best way to explore the country without actually being there. Do you, guys, agree?

  • Мы впервые увидели Площадь Победы в Санкт-Петербурге во время дебютного автопутешествия. Помню, как впечатлила нас тогда огромная площадь с круговым движением вокруг. С тех пор внушительный монумент для меня – своеобразные ворота в город, с которых и начинается Петербург. Есть у этого места и другая прекрасная черта – до центра отсюда буквально рукой подать (если вы за рулем, конечно, а так-то 11 км – не ближний свет). Так что во время последней поездки мы с Алешкой решили нестандартно остановиться не где-нибудь в пешей доступности от Невского, а именно здесь. Комфортно и символично.

  • Oh no, you know, guys, how much do I hate posts like this one? Of course, there’s nothing cooler, than look through all the photos and videos once again. But that’s only one side of a coin. And on the other side, it means that the journey you was thinking about for the last 6 months belongs now to the past. Isn’t it sad? But I hope, it only means, that new adventures are about to come! And while I wait, let’s one more time have a look on everything we posted about Skoda test-drive in Czech, we visited this summer. Are you ready for a fast drive?

  • Jarvisydan invites you to celebrate an International Women’s Day with them for free!

    We promised you a free dream trip – and here it is! Those, who read our “best of the year” post, understood quickly, that we’re going to send you to the country, we personally enjoyed the most in 2015.  

    A wonderful Finnish hotel Jarvisydan invites our readers to celebrate 8th of March in a Middle Century romantic atmosphere and a true winter fairy tale. I simly can’t believe how lucky will be one of you soon! Cause this place might be amazing in summer, but winter is actually the time it stands out.

  • Hands up those of you, who also think, that spring should come immediately after the New Year night! But as soon as instead of the first flowers and International Woman’s Day gifts we only have a freezing cold, that gets only worse, let’s at least imagine, what would we wear next season. Moreover, most of the spring collections will be in stock in February already, which is really very soon! I’ve chosen the most stylish and convincing collections from those, shown on Riga Fashion Week. And it turned to be an international top! 

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    Cozy winter with ASOS: Bublik cafe

    by Kseniia

    What a foodie days we are having lately in blog! Well, that’s the way Russian winter behaves. All you’re able to do is to run from home to a car and from a car to yet another cup of ginger coffee only to run back afterwards. Summer was made for long walks and adventures and the only winter adventure is to suddenly choose porridge instead of pancakes. What a crazy decision!:) Honestly, I was ready to stop after that tasty guide to Riga, but ASOS suddenly came up with an outstanding and creative project: to make maps of warming places for winter in four capitals (Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris) with the help of local bloggers. Could we have missed it? 

  • Taking an unfamiliar car for a ride to another town is like traveling with your Tinder-partner, that you have never met before: you can either fall in love or begin to hate each other& Luckily, Suzuki Vitara was the first option. Stylish red (well, ours was red, but they have 9 colors to choose from) car was made for a young audience, that treats autos as something more than just a car. More likely as a part of theyr colorful, dynamic life. And I had such a great pleasure to imagine, that I have some kind of it too:) 

  • You know, what a huge fan of everything with history and unique atmosphere I am. Like my beloved ROXY, that unite sporty girls from all over the world. Or Romana’s Pilates – a workout I visited today, that turned to be the only workout in Russia to be called true pilates, as it was invented by Josef Pilates. He invented some crazy equipment, looking more like torturing machines, to effectively train professional athletes, ballerinas as well as injured people. It took almost 12 years for local trainers to bring this system to Russia! Isn’t it just cool to be a part of this world? Or here is one more example – beauty-brand Eisenberg from Monaco: they were working on their unique and super effective cream formula for seven years, before starting the production in France. It definitely makes the process of applying the cream more valuable, agree?

    That’s why I was so excited about test-driving Hyundai Solaris in fall. The thing is this brand really has a special history in Russia, and, what’s more, we received a limited edition car “500 000″^ devoted to half a million cars, sold in Russia. So, let’s have a look a little closer:) 

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